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Concierge Executive Fitness:

Typically age 50+ male and female busy professionals. Many of you have pushed the envelope on both ends to reach professional and personal goals, but perhaps at the same time neglected your health. Now, at your crossroads the doctor is saying, “This is the time to take care of YOU!”  Scott, and as needed, his team of medical professionals can help. Now at age 60, Scott brings real life experiences to go along with 35 years in the fitness and wellness industry. Let him help you get started! 

Scott and his team have worked with our patients for a decade. They are great at setting priorities for fitness and keeping folks motivated!  - Scott W Yates, MD, MBA, MS, FACP

As physicians who advocate for the best possible health of our patients, we are always happy to see our patients working with Scott to meet their fitness goals. Our patients are thrilled with the results and always very complimentary of Scott.”- M. Keith Schrader, MD, FACP

Personal Physicians at Center for Executive Medicine



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