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Competitive Fitness

Youth Skills: Kids 5-10:


Are you looking for a private coach to set their course in the right directions with basic coordination, catching, throwing and movement fundamentals? These are skills, when learned correctly, build confidence and can give them a decided edge as they advance into more organized and competitive sports situations. 


Middle School/High School/College Athletes:

Looking for a private coach for off season supplementation and specific skill focus? Learn the physical and mental tricks of the trade from one of our seasoned certified trainers, which can also include diet and nutrition.

scott tri 2015.jpg

Scott continues to be a weekly fixture in our lives for over 10 years now. It all started with teaching our kids to swim. Since 2007 he has introduced them to the fundamentals of baseball, volleyball , football, golf, basketball, tennis and more. Scott has taught them the do's and don't of sports, and how to take care of their bodies. Now in their early teens my kids continue to progress and are thriving in their chosen sports. - Ingrid Yates


Never give up! That’s the most important lesson Scott has taught our son over the past 8 years of coaching, personal training and swim lessons. The sports and coordination skills, taught with patience and positive reinforcement, have greatly added to our son’s development and maturity.
- Elizabeth Williams

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