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Executive Fitness Testimonials

At age 65, I finally ran out of excuses. During my career as a “high-powered

executive”, I had lived by the motto, “better living through chemistry”. I had

accumulated an assortment of prescription drugs to improve my quality of life while,

at the same time, successfully dodging my doctor’s prescription to “lose weight and

exercise”.  Now, at retirement, after many years of nagging, I finally followed my

doctor’s orders and called Scott Eder to begin an exercise program.

Today, close to 5 years later, with a very rare exception, my special needs son and I

work out with Scott three times a week for one hour. Scott has made it very easy for

me to develop and live with an exercise program respective of my previous 65

year’s sedentary lifestyle. Getting me to begin exercising and keeping me involved

in the program is a testament to Scott’s professionalism, ability and character.  I

highly recommend his services as a professional trainer.

Cary R.

Retired Executive Vice President and CFO

When my primary care physician suggested that I consider a consistent workout

regimen utilizing our home gym, I initially balked at the idea and listed every reason

why that wouldn't work for my sedentary lifestyle. As I was obese and had some health

challenges he further suggested a personal trainer to assist me in meeting new

fitness goals. He recommended Scott Eder based on several of his patients’

positive reviews. Scott was a godsend! Although I was skeptical that I would achieve

any fitness results, Scott was diligent in keeping me focused and only pushing within

my ability limits while always maintaining timeliness and professionalism. The best result

was keeping me motivated and equipping me with knowledge and training to keep me

safe from injury. Scott was the perfect solution for me when I most needed training, encouragement and motivation to meet my fitness goals. I would highly recommend

Scott Eder’s professional training services to any person looking to live a healthier



Chenza Lazof,

Dallas, Texas

I have known Scott Eder for almost 10 years, as a personal trainer, a coach,

a general manager for our Triathlon team, and a friend. 


Scott technical knowledge as a personal trainer exceeded my expectations. Although

we started training for general fitness, he immediately adapted my training for race car

driving when I decided to take on that sport. His ability to train me to “my” limits avoided

me unnecessary injuries, something lost on many trainers when taking on older clients. 


As a friend, he was always there for me, and for every member of the team no matter

when and where. The man cares deeply and it shows. 


Jean-Claude Saada

Chairman/CEO Cambridge Holdings

Scott started me on a basic program of nutrition and basic movements designed to

restore some level of function to my totally dysfunctional body. I have made more

progress under Scott's guidance than I could even have imagined. So far, in 15 months

I have gone from almost 330 pounds to 240. Scott has helped me change the way I

think about food and has helped me find a life-long love of exercise.

Kevin O., 44 Dallas, Tx 


I have trained with Scott for over 15 years and I hope to be doing the same 10 years

from now. He is the best, a superb organizer, motivator, listener and friend.


David B., 58, Dallas, TX 


I started working with Scott about 10 years ago when I was 59.  My goal was to stay as

fit as possible as I grew older. Well, actually my goal was to look as good as possible as

I grew older.  Scott was great to work with on both counts and I believe he has really

helped me.


Cathy B., 69

CPA, Partner

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