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Concierge Executive Fitness

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Scott is the president and founder of Scott Eder Sports (SES). For 30 years, Scott and his team have successfully grown SES into a leading edge sports marketing company. In 1986, Scott left his broadcasting career to fully dedicate his energy to educating people and sharing his passion for triathlon and creating personalized fitness programs. He has created programs for busy executives, kids, school-aged athletes, weekend warriors, and professional athletes. His business is based in Dallas, Texas.


Now Scott is primarily focused on "Concierge Executive Fitness" (fitness over age 50), working one on one with executives and their families. He continues to coach a selective group of runners, swimmers and triathletes.

From 2000-18  Scott procured groundbreaking sponsorships and founded two premier triathlon racing teams facilitating hundreds of athletes to reach their fitness goals.. Scott's wife Barb's swim programs continue to assist swimmers of all abilities and all ages, 1 to 100. 


In 2006, Scott's Exercise Design Group started designing custom gyms for private homes and office buildings. Scott's team continues creating and managing innovative sports events including the Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon, the West End Run, and the North Texas Superstars competition.


The son of a coach with a traditional team sports background, Scott earned six college varsity letters in baseball and basketball. At age 23, Scott became a pioneer in the field of triathlons. For past 35 years Scott has competed globally as a triathlete, distance runner, swimmer, and cyclist, in addition to coaching, managing and directing races. Scott has qualified for and completed The Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championship and The Boston Marathon.

Decades later, his approach continues to be creative, innovative and motivational.

Scott Eder
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