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Feature athlete:
Kevin Oliver

I was nearly 40 years old last year when my daughter was born. I weighed almost 330 pounds and was well on the way to serious health complications that follow from obesity and a completely sedentary lifestyle. [Scott] started me on a basic program of nutrition and basic movements designed to restore some level of function to my totally dysfunctional body. So far, in 15 months I have gone from almost 330 pounds to 240, my waist size has gone from a size 50 to a size 38. Thanks Scott!

"Scott Eder is a nice guy, for me sort of coach meets agent meets big brother."
-Lance Armstrong

New book out about Lance! First 80 pages feature his years in Dallas and Plano.

"Scott teaches you the difference between workout out and training, the true meaning of train smarter, not longer..."
-Mark Madole


Specializing in:
Home Gyms
Apartment/Condo gyms
Hotel/Motel gyms
Small Private Gyms

What do you supply? The space in the form of measurements, a floor plan or an architectural plan.

What do we do? The recommendation of equipment based on budget.
Please contact Scott for more information.

Step 1
CONSULTATION: We evaluate proposed or existing site. We determine your needs based on your input. We assist you in establishing a project budget.

Step 2
DESIGN: The space planning from a CAD schematic or measurements will include equipment recommendations and layout.

Step 3
EQUIPMENT: We will select equipment based on your budget and desired quality. The choices are both New and Pre-Owned Strength and Cardio equipment from a Commercial Health Club quality to Light Commercial. We can also provide residential. Those brands include: Star Trac, Precor, Life Fitness, Schwinn, Cybex, Matrix, SportsArt, Paramount, Body Master, Fitnex, Vision, StairMaster, Flex, Hammer, Pro Maxima, SCIFIT, NordicTrac, Free Motion, Nautilus, Icarian, Body Solid, Quantum, Source, Cateye and True We also have the ability to provide tanning beds, saunas and all accessories.

Step 4
PURCHASING: Because of our volume purchasing, we can offer you discounted pricing on all levels from Pre-owned Retail to New Commercial equipment.

Step 5
DELIVERY: We will arrange the Delivery and Installation based on your schedule. You will have the instruction manuals and warranty information. We will make recommendations as to trouble shooting and preventative maintenance schedules.


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