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Kevin Oliver

I was nearly 40 years old last year when my daughter was born. I weighed almost 330 pounds and was well on the way to serious health complications that follow from obesity and a completely sedentary lifestyle. [Scott] started me on a basic program of nutrition and basic movements designed to restore some level of function to my totally dysfunctional body. So far, in 15 months I have gone from almost 330 pounds to 240, my waist size has gone from a size 50 to a size 38. Thanks Scott!

"Scott Eder is a nice guy, for me sort of coach meets agent meets big brother."
-Lance Armstrong

New book out about Lance! First 80 pages feature his years in Dallas and Plano.

"Scott teaches you the difference between workout out and training, the true meaning of train smarter, not longer..."
-Mark Madole


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Men, Women, and Children,

Are you ready to drop a few pounds, learn a new sport, race faster, improve your fitness for the upcoming school year, or just get into better shape? If so you can benefit from Scottís unique, proven personalized approach to training. It can be summed up in two basic phrases: "Train Smarter, Not Longer" and "Donít just do it, do it right!" This holds true for world class athletes and weekend warriors alike.


Scott Eder Sports was Founded in 1986. Today, SES continues to serve on the leading edge of Private Sports Coaching, Sports Marketing and Event Management. Scott Eder Sports has worked privately with more than 300 athletes, managed some 30 large participatory events and successfully acquired sponsorships for special events on a local, regional and national scale.

Since 2002, Scott's Exercise Design Group has grown to focus on designing efficient, functional exercise facilities for private homes, hotels, and clubhouses in country clubs/apartments/condos. EDG's has created gyms from coast to coast, specializing in those from 400-2000 square feet.

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